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COBRATEC® brand Corrosion Inhibitors


COBRATEC® solids provide the highest level of active corrosion inhibitor, but can be the most difficult to handle.

Product Chemical Name Description
COBRATEC® BZ Benzotriazole Off-white flake
COBRATEC® TT100 Tolyltriazole Off-white prill
COBRATEC® CBT Carboxybenzotriazole Crystalline powder
COBRATEC® TT85 Sodium Tolyltriazole White powder

Alkaline Water Solutions:

COBRATEC® alkaline solutions are convenient solutions for use in aqueous systems. These products are widely used in the water treatment, engine coolant and metal working industries.

Product Chemical Name Description
COBRATEC® TT50S Sodium Tolyltriazole Amber solution
COBRATEC® TT55K Potassium Tolyltriazole Amber solution
COBRATEC® 40S Sodium Benzotriazole Amber solution

Liquid CO-Solvents:

The COBRATEC® CO-solvent products are liquid blends of the COBRATEC® solids dissolved in polar solvents. These products provide the handling ease of a liquid without the formation of an alkaline salt. The COBRATEC® CO-solvent products are used in inks, lubricants, compressor fluids, flooring, direct treatment of copper, transmission fluids and paints.

Product Chemical Name Solvent
COBRATEC® TT-25-EG Tolyltriazole Ethylene Glycol
COBRATEC® TT-35-G Tolyltriazole Propylene Glycol
COBRATEC® TT-35-I Tolyltriazole Isopropanol
COBRATEC® TT-40-DG Tolyltriazole Diethylene Glycol
COBRATEC® TT-50-A Tolyltriazole Triethanolamine
COBRATEC® 20-EG Benzotriazole Ethylene Glycol
COBRATEC® 35-G Benzotriazole Propylene Glycol
COBRATEC® 45-I Benzotriazole Isopropanol

Liquids: The 900 Series

The COBRATEC® Liquids are a unique blend of multiple azoles which are 90% active. The advantages include:

  • Ease of formulating (no solids handling)
  • 90% active liquids (the highest percentage of active available in liquid form)
  • Dissolves faster than solid COBRATEC®
  • Non-caustic
  • Non-dusting
  • Non-flammable
Product Metals Protected Comments
COBRATEC® 928 Copper, steel & aluminum Can also reduce cobalt leaching
COBRATEC® 926 Copper, steel & aluminum Like CO928, more economical
COBRATEC® 948 Copper, steel & aluminum Like CO928, more economical,
85% Active
COBRATEC® 937 Copper, some steel Can replace CO99 in many uses
COBRATEC® 939 Copper, some steel Can replace CO99 in many uses
COBRATEC® 911S Copper, steel & aluminum For oil-based systems,
40% active in Polyolester

Multi-metal Protection:
There are three ways to obtain protection on metals other than copper with COBRATEC® products.

  1. CO 928, 911S, 926, 948 – Aluminum Steel and Copper
    The premier triazole products for multi-metal protection are COBRATEC® 928, COBRATEC® 926, COBRATEC® 948 and COBRATEC® 911S. These products are effective in a variety of applications to protect aluminum and steel in addition to copper and copper alloys (brass, bronze), silver and cobalt.
  2. Copper and Pitting Control
    COBRATEC® products tie up copper ions. This eliminates copper deposition on other metals such as steel and aluminum, thereby preventing catastrophic failures caused by localized copper-initiated pitting corrosion.
  3. Synergism
    COBRATEC® BZ and COBRATEC® TT100 are active in multi-metal protection because they are synergistic with other corrosion inhibitors.


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