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PMC Specialties Group, Inc. (PMC SG) has played a key role in the high intensity sweetener industry as the world’s most responsible producer of saccharin. The products are trademarked as SYNCAL® for food and drink, Sweetchew for animal feed, and SHERBRITE® for electroplating. For their effort and commitment towards these value-added goals, PMC SG has received several awards in recent years.

SYNCAL® Saccharin, produced in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, meets or exceeds USP, NF, FCC and EP specifications. The facility is US FDA inspected, Kosher approved. PMC SG is the only saccharin producer in the world who has responded positively to the US EPA initiative known as the High Production Volume (HPV) Challenge. The HPV program requires toxicity and environmental fate testing for every product of more than 1 million pounds manufactured or imported into the USA. A similar program is underway in Europe.

The Calorie Control Council (CCC), of which PMC SG was a founding member, significantly contributed to the realization of the “SWEETEST ACT” (HR5668), Saccharin Warning Elimination via Environmental Testing Employing Science and Technology Act.
This Act was signed by the President on December 21, 2000, stating products containing Saccharin no longer require a warning label. This came about because both academic and industrial organizations worked together in developing and communicating health and safety related results after 24 years of testing Saccharin in laboratories and in human epidemiology. Furthermore, Saccharin’s safety to humans has been well demonstrated as attested to by the National Toxicological Program (NTP), the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and PROPOSITION 65, State of California. The NTP, IARC and the California OEHHA have studied the latest saccharin test results and judged saccharin to be safe for human consumption.

Saccharin is the world’s oldest, least expensive, highly stable and most compatible High Intensity Sweetener available. It is also the most widely used high intensity sweetener, based on sugar equivalency, in the entire world. Saccharin, for those reasons and more, belongs in every formulated food product using high intensity sweeteners. Its inclusion simply makes good economic and performance sense. In accordance with the CCC’s “Multiple Sweetener Concept”, Saccharin can be used alone as the only high intensity sweetener in product formulations or in blend combinations with other sweeteners. The synergism of saccharin with other high intensity sweeteners is well known and documented.

PMC SG welcomes inquiries and requests for saccharin technical information and on practical application assistance for any form of saccharin. Sodium Saccharin is produced in granular, powder, and spray-dried powder forms. Calcium Saccharin and insoluble (acid) Saccharin are also produced in powder form.

You are sure to be pleased with the results and the relative economics of your product.

TB Solubility Table





Sweetener (Human)

Syncal® GS, GSD

Sodium Granular


Syncal® S, SDS

Sodium Powder


Syncal® SDI

Acid Form


Syncal® CAS

Calcium Powder

Sweetener (Animal Feed)

Sweetchew 30




Food-Grade Liquid

Dye/Pigment Intermediates




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