PMC Specialties Group - Rejex iT - Denatonium Benzoate

  1. Rejex iT® is PMC Specialty Group, Inc.’s brand name for denatonium benzoate, the most bitter substance known. The extremely bitter taste makes Rejex iT® ideal for rendering consumable products unpalatable. Rejex iT® is easy, convenient and cost effective to use in a wide variety of commercial and consumer goods.

  2. Rejex iT® Works for Your Product
  3. Rejex iT®, a white crystalline powder in its pure form, is also available in solutions of ethanol, methanol, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and t-butyl alcohol, making it easy and convenient to use. It is the approved denaturant in SDA-40B and SDA-1 alcohols, used in a variety of commercial and specialized applications:
    • coatings
    • solvents
    • petroleum products
    • animal repellent
    • photographic films
    • inks
    • insecticides
    • veterinary supplies
    • adhesives
    • stains
    • fuels
  4. It is also a FIFRA-approved inert for registered biocides and herbicides.

  5. Rejex iT® is most effective in moderately toxic consumer products.
  6. Consider the variety of everyday household items with exposures reported by the Association of Poison Control Centers:
    • anti-freeze
    • make-up
    • sunscreen
    • paints
    • rat poison
    • solid fuels
    • deodorant
    • lotion
    • laundry detergent
    • bath oil
    • glass cleaners
    • windshield washer fluid
    • shampoo
    • air fresheners
    • pens/ink
    • bubble solution
    • rubbing alcohol
  7. Two states have passed legislation requiring the use of denatonium benzoate in certain products: Rejex iT® can help.

C20G, F40B, C25G, C40PG, F100

FORMS OF Rejex iT®

Rejex iT® F-100

White crystalline powder, meets USP/NF specifications

Rejex iT® F-25E

25 wt % solution of Rejex iT® in SDA 40B alcohol

Rejex iT® F-40B

40 wt % solution of Rejex iT® in t-butyl alcohol

Rejex iT® F-40Me

40 wt % solution of Rejex iT® in methanol

Rejex iT® C-20G

20 wt % solution of Rejex iT® in ethylene glycol

Rejex iT® C-25G

25 wt/vol % solution of Rejex iT® in ethylene glycol

Rejex iT® C-40G

40 wt % solution of Rejex iT® in ethylene glycol

Rejex iT® C-40PG

40 wt % solution of Rejex iT® in propylene glycol

Rejex iT® C-40M

40 wt % solution of Rejex iT® in methanol


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