Phthalic Derivatives - PMCSG - Pharmaceutical - Fragrance

  1. Methyl Anthranilate – Used widely in the fragrance industry, for example to make Schiff bases for fragrance compositions. Also used extensively for grape flavoring in soft drinks, powdered drinks and as a flavor enhancer and/or mask in various other products such as oral, over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals. It also used in industrial reodorants. MA-FCC liquid is listed in 21CFR182.60, and is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).
  2. Butylated Hydroxy Toluene – CAO-3 (BHT). RALOX BHT is a low odor product that is well accepted by the fragrance industry and used in many cosmetic and toiletry formulations.
  3. 3-Acetyl Pyridine – A functional pyridine that is used as an intermediate in the pharmaceutical and flavor & fragrance industries.
  4. Benzylidene Acetone– An aromatic ketone that is used as an intermediate for organic syntheses. It is used in the fragrance and pharmaceutical industries, and as an additive for electroplating baths.


PMC Specialties Group has research capabilities including synthesis of molecules and development of processes using alkylation, amidation, chlorination, diazotization, esterification, hydrogenation, nitration, oxidation and sulfonation technologies. This custom capability combines a research staff, engineering team, and a skilled production staff to deliver the right intermediate to produce chemicals as a custom supplier in quantities ranging from single drum to truckload quantities.